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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

By booking or participating in a tour and any related services with Tour Costa Rica or Sitio Web Info Costa Rica (the Company, “we”, “us” and “our”), you agree to these Terms & Conditions and they form the basis of your contract with us.

Booking your services: All bookings must be made through an authorized representative of the company in writing by e-mail at All bookings are answered within 48 hours after receiving the request. When we have already confirmed the availability of your booking, according to your chosen arrangements, the company will then issue a confirmation and an invoice. Once the invoice is dispatched, a binding contract between us will come into existence.

The person must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking. You agree to provide full, accurate and complete information to the Company. We will ask you, at the time of booking, to provide us with your forename title and surname as well as of each member traveling with you (as shown in your passport). All information provided must be correct. The company will not be held liable in case of receiving incorrect or missing information. By booking of behalf of another person or persons, you become the representative and warrant that you obtained all required consents. You will be responsible for verifying that all information you provide on behalf of another participant is complete and accurate.

Age Requirements: Anyone under the age of 18 years is considered a minor. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. In certain tours, the minimum age for minors traveling is 12 years old. The accompanying adult is responsible for securing all consents, documentation and ensuring that they and the minor(s) meet all legal requirements. Tour Costa Rica will not be responsible for any fees, damages or losses incurred as a result of any failure to secure the necessary consents, permits and approvals.

Special requests: All special requests must be disclosed in writing to the company at the time of your booking. The company will endeavor to meet or arrange all reasonable requests. All special requests are subject to availability, and in case, the company cannot make the requested arrangements or cannot guarantee them, it will not represent a breach of the contract on the company`s part. Any special requests or requirements do not form part of these terms or the contract between you and Tour Costa Rica.

Third Party Suppliers: Tour Costa Rica is not liable for Third-party suppliers, the Company will act only as an agent for suppliers’ services to provide you with some or all the components of your booking. These suppliers provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Although, the company takes all reasonable care in selecting Third-party Suppliers, the Company is unable to control Third- party Suppliers and therefore, cannot be responsible for their acts or omissions. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to you.

Your information and your responsibilities: You must provide and ensure that passports, visas, vaccination certificates and other health documents are in order and valid before departure. If you have any pre-existing medical condition(s) which may impact your ability to participate in any our services you must inform the Company about it at the time of your booking. In the event that you fail to supply information required by the Company, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled. The Company will not be held responsible for any fees you incur as a result of errors, omissions, inaccuracies or otherwise incomplete information you have provided.

You must at all times strictly comply with all rules and regulations of the places visited. Should you fail to comply with these terms or commit any illegal act during the time you are using our services, if in the opinion of the Company, your behavior is causing or is likely to cause distress, danger or material annoyance to others or damage to property, Tour Costa Rica may terminate your travel arrangements or any product or service immediately at your expense and without liability on the Company’s part or the supplier involved. If such situations arise, you must pay all expenses as a compensation for the damage caused and you will not be entitled to any refund for unused or missed services or costs incurred as a result of termination of your travel arrangements. You will in addition, have to indemnify us against any loss or expense that be incurred as a result of your actions.

You agree to take all measures necessary in relation to your own safety and obey all posted signs and oral or written warnings regarding health and safety. Neither the Company nor the Third-party Suppliers, as defined herein, are liable for loss or damages caused by your failure to comply with safety instructions or warnings. We cannot allow persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs on any of our trips. No refunds will be given under such circumstances.

The Company’s liability: For claims, if the company or the third-Party suppliers incur in negligence or omissions in your holiday arrangements, the company will pay you a reasonable compensation. In such case, it will be your responsibility to show that we or the supplier(s) were negligent to make a claim against us. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes and/or substitutions in the itinerary where deemed necessary.

Force Majeure: Tour Costa Rica will not be liable in any way for death, bodily injury, illness, damage, delay or other loss or detriment to person or property or financial costs both direct and indirect incurred or for the company failure to perform or complete any duty owed to you, in case of Acts of God, war or war like operations, mechanical breakdowns, terrorist activities, civil commotions, labor difficulties interference by authorities, political disturbance, riot, fire, extreme weather or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the company.

In the event we are found liable of any loss, death, injury or illness caused by the negligent acts or omissions of the company or of the third-party suppliers of any of the services which form part of the booking contract, then Tour Costa Rica will not exclude or limits any liability to our clients. The acceptance of liability here is conditional upon you assigning to the Company all rights you may have against any third-party responsible in any way for the personal injury illness dealt deficiency or difficulty in question and upon you giving your full cooperation to the company.

Price Policy: Our trips include all services as specified in the respective itinerary. The final itinerary and price that is accepted by the client shall be considered binding in its nature (by e-mail) and only those services mentioned will be included. All quotations and rates published are in US Dollars. All promotions and change of rates do not apply to confirmed bookings.

Payments: For confirming your reservation our Reservations Department will request a 50% deposit of the total booking value. For extra costs and when applicable, an additional deposit payment may be required. The remaining payment of the 50% is due no later than 30 days prior to arrival. If you are booking 30 days or less prior to arrival, a 100% payment is required. Please check your invoice carefully as soon as you receive it and contact us immediately if any information is incorrect or incomplete. Tour Costa Rica will not take any payment until after all services have been confirmed. If, for any reason, the balance is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you.

Amendments & Cancellation Notice: All Cancellations or amendments to your booking must be received in writing to and it will effective when it is received. In case you need to modify any information about pick-up times or departures at the last minute, please call our main phone line to +506 8824-4560. Otherwise, your absence at the confirmed location will be considered a No-show and will be charged at 100%. For amendments to your travel arrangements made by you, Tour Costa Rica will make every possible effort to assist you.

However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet such requests. The charges incurred or imposed by any of our third-party suppliers or any additional costs and expenses to make your amendment possible, will be paid by you.

The following charges will apply when cancellation is made after the booking is confirmed. A change in your booking dates will normally be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and rebooking, in which case, cancellation charges will apply.

FIT reservations: 30 days or more prior to arrival a 4% penalty will apply. 29 days or less prior to arrival 100% charge of the entire package rate will be penalized.

Group reservations: Cancellations made once reservation is confirmed a 20% penalty of total reservation. Between 120 days to 60 days in advance: 30% penalty of total booking, 59 or less days a 100% charge of the entire package rate will be penalized. During Christmas Season (December 20 – January 08): A 20% penalty of total reservation will apply for cancellations received once booking is confirmed, and cancellations made with less than 90 days written notice will be charged at 100%.

Note: Some of the services booked may have a charge up to 100% or have additional charges as the ones specified above according to our Third-party suppliers` policies.

Cancellation and amendments by Tour Costa Rica before departure: Tour Costa Rica will, in reasonable situations, modify or cancel a service. In such situations, most changes are minor but occasionally, we have to make a “significant change”. A significant change is a change made before departure which we can reasonably be expected to have a major effect in your trip. In those cases, you will be notified as soon as possible and we will give you a choice of an alternative service. If it is not possible to provide a suitable alternative, or if you reasonably reject any suitable alternatives, Tour Costa Rica may provide you with a refund for unused services or products. No service will be cancelled for political tension or natural disasters (force majeure) unless specifically recommended by the local authorities or service provider. No compensation will be payable and the above options will not be available if we cancel as a result of your failure to comply with any requirement of these booking conditions.

Group Tours and cancellations: In cases where due to circumstances beyond our control, the tour expert is no longer available, Tour Costa Rica will do all efforts to find a suitable replacement, however, in certain instances it may not be possible at all.

Travel insurance: Tour Costa Rica is covered with an insurance policy issued by the National Insurance Institute of Costa Rica (Instituto Nacional de Seguros). Please ensure all party members arrange for a short-term traveler's insurance. In the unlikely event of a cancellation of a booking, travel insurance must cover our cancellation terms. Tour Costa Rica is in not liable for any loss whatsoever. Please ensure adequate travel insurance is taken out to cover eventualities such as flight delays and cancellations. Insurance must cover personal injury and emergency medical expenses and repatriation, participation in adventure activities, property damage or loss. Please note that Costa Rica's insurance industry is state-owned, and the insurance that we are permitted to purchase for our trips is limited. If the rare occurrence of an accident should happen, the client will be responsible for paying for medical attention received at the time of service and will need to contact his/her insurance company directly for reimbursement upon return to their home country. Tour Costa Rica is not responsible for covering any medical costs not specified in our insurance policy, including transportation to/from medical services, translation or interpretation services or hospital deposits; nor are we liable for a client's inability to make the required payment. You are responsible for advising your insurer of the type of travel, destination(s) and activities included in your booking so the insurer may provide appropriate coverage.

Refunds: No refund will be made for no-shows of any unused portion of the itinerary, whether voluntary or caused by airline delay or cancellations. A 4% fee will be taken from the total amount for bank services and will be reflected in your credit card 5 business days after processed.

Complaints: In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complaint or experience any problems with your travel arrangements, you should address your written complaint directly to us and to the other supplier, whose services were involved in order to correct the matter while you are present.

If any complaint or problem is not resolved to your satisfaction by the company, you must write to Tour Costa Rica giving us full details and a contact number. The written complaint must be received in our offices within 15 days at the end of your trip, please include your booking reference and full details of your complaint. If you fail to notify and follow the requirements to report the complaint or claim entirely in accordance with this clause, the company cannot accept any liability. By doing so, you will deprive us of the opportunity to investigate and rectify it as it may affect your rights under this booking.

Law & jurisdiction: The customer agrees that the Terms & Conditions of this booking are governed by the laws of Costa Rica and any dispute shall be heard by the court of appropriate jurisdiction in Costa Rica.