Tour Costa Rica

About Us

About Us

Tour Costa Rica is the sister company of Pacuare Lodge. At Tour Costa Rica, we want you to enjoy your most satisfying vacation ever - it's as simple as that. Our experienced team takes pride in providing the best Costa Rica vacation options in the world. We have carefully selected and tested to ensure customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Tour Costa Rica. As the sister company of the widely acclaimed eco-resort, Pacuare Lodge, Tour Costa Rica takes your vacation in paradise one unforgettable step further. Our sole purpose is to make your trip a full-immersion, sensory experience of discovery, luxury, and adventure. Our professional team of vacation “composers” work directly with Costa Rica’s most unique and innovative hotels and tour providers to create one-of-a-kind packages to accommodate mid, high-end, and elite budgets.

What we Offer
Visitors are drawn to Costa Rica to witness its fascinating natural environments, to rekindle the magic of discovery and adventure, and to reconnect with their friends, loved ones, and themselves. At Tour Costa Rica we understand how important this experience is and we’ve been delighting thousands of international travelers since founding the Pacuare Lodge in 1986. Situated deep within pristine rainforest on the bank of the majestic Pacuare River, the eco-resort is hailed as one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World and is a member of Virtuoso Preferred Hotels. Our company is also fully operational and licensed under Costa Rica’s Tourist Board (ICT).

At Tour Costa Rica we are proud to offer personalized vacation services and uniquely choreographed vacation packages to our esteemed clientele. We can arrange every facet of your Costa Rican experience, from hotel reservations and transportation to unforgettable tours and outdoor activities. Drawing from over thirty years of experience we promise a truly unique and unparalleled vacation of a lifetime.  

Safety First
At Tour Costa Rica we put our client’s (and staff’s) safety and security first and foremost. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most authentic, safe and enjoyable experience possible. Our superb reputation reflects the professionalism and dedication we provide our clients, as well as our deep respect for the natural environment. 

Our Professional Staff

Our team of professional and experienced vacation coordinators create custom holiday itineraries and packages based on our client’s needs and desires. No matter how small or large your group, or how unique your travel needs may be, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Greivin Alvarez 
Greivin was born in the picturesque rural town of San Carlos near the Arenal Volcano. During his childhood he watched as Costa Rica blossomed into a thriving tourism destination centered around conservation and the developing national park movement. It was then that his interest in the industry blossomed. He later moved abroad to different countries and continents, studying, working, and exploring. His travels broadened his world perspective and enabled him to see and experience how other cultures live and enjoy their free time. These insights help him to develop custom-vacation packages for Tour Costa Rica’s diverse clients. “Every place on earth is unique and has its own wonders; but I can assure you, Costa Rica is one of the best places to travel, relax, disconnect, and discover. This is why I enjoy sharing our piece of paradise with everyone interested in experiencing it.”

Nicole Fink
Raised in a small Pennsylvania town in the United States, Nicole was always fascinated by the cultures of her Spanish-speaking neighbors to the south. While attending university she studied Latin American Studies and History, which further inspired her to travel to Central America and see the places she’d read about firsthand. During her travels she visited Costa Rica and decided to move to the charming Republic as soon as she’d graduated. She was awed by the open friendliness of the Costa Rican people, the stable government dedicated to peace, and the astounding diversity of landscapes and environments all in one small and captivating country. Nicole has been living in Costa Rica for over five years now and she is happy to call the country home. She is passionate about her work in the tourism industry and enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience in Costa Rica with first-time and repeat visitors. During her free time, Nicole continues to explore and learn while hiking and spending time with her adopted dog, Mia.

Roberto Fernández
Owner & Managing Director
Roberto was born and raised in Turrialba. The small town is located in the verdant countryside east of San José and is home of the Turrialba Volcano and several scenic rivers. Set in a lush valley surrounded by coffee and sugar cane plantations, the region is a white-water mecca that attracts rafters and kayakers from around the world. From a very young age, Roberto was enchanted by the area’s abundant natural resources. He particularly enjoyed adventure sports and outdoor expeditions. His restless and adventurous spirit eventually inspired him to create the eco-adventure tour company, Aventuras Naturales (Costa Rica Nature Adventures) in 1987. His company was soon a distinguished figure within the industry and known for delivering excellence and quality. His love for his career further blossomed when he met and married the sales and marketing director of Costa Rica Nature Adventures, Luz Cáceres, “I have a wonderful daughter and a lovely wife who share with me the blessing of managing a company and staff that are a continual source of encouragement and pride.” Today, Roberto continues his life’s work with energy and enthusiasm, delivering unique, innovative, and responsible tourism throughout Costa Rica.

Luz Cáceres
Commercial Director
Similar to her husband, Roberto, Luz was born and raised in Turrialba where she developed a deep love for nature and the outdoors. After earning a degree in Tourism Business Management at a young age, Luz set off for Denver, Colorado, to enrich her understanding of the international hospitality industry. Today, Luz proudly claims over 30-years of professional experience in the industry and has worked locally for several global hotel chains, tour operators, and other organizations dedicated to promoting Costa Rica as a unique and exceptional travel destination. “My career allows me to travel extensively throughout Costa Rica and gain deeper knowledge and personal insight into the astounding natural and cultural treasures this tiny nation offers. As co-owners of Tour Costa Rica, Roberto and I are also committed to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices in the country.” During her free time, Luz enjoys traveling in search of off-the-beaten-path destinations that capture the local culture and flavor. She’s a woman of many interests who loves hiking and mountain biking in Costa Rica’s most remote areas.

Natalia Fernández
Sales Manager
Natalia’s childhood was a magical Costa Rican experience. As the daughter of Roberto Fernandez, the founder and visionary of Pacuare Lodge and Tour Costa Rica, her upbringing was as much about exploring the rainforest and rafting wild rivers, as it was her hours in the classroom. Her quaint hometown, Turrialba, was also one of Costa Rica’s most scenic destinations and considered a gateway to adventure and exploration. During her university years, Natalia embraced her family’s eco-tourism legacy by working for the company and studying Business Administration. She then traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to pursue a master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Upon returning to Costa Rica, she naturally assumed the exciting role as Tour Costa Rica sales manager. Natalia is passionate about sharing her country’s beauty and culture with her clients. During her free time, she is known to be a CrossFit fitness junkie. She is also studying Portuguese and is planning to explore Brazil (Portugal?) in the near future?

Laura Ortiz
Operations Department
Laura was born in Cartago, Costa Rica’s picturesque Colonial Capital and home to the country’s highest volcano. Her passion for the outdoors and Costa Rica’s fascinating biodiversity led her to pursue a career in the tourism industry where she can share her knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors from around the world. Laura develops and coordinates unforgettable vacation itineraries for Tour Costa Rica’s discerning clientele. During her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities with her 4-year old daughter Keyla such as taking long walks in nature, birdwatching, and playing baseball.