Adventure Costa Rica
One Day
Price Per Person $76

Tour Information

The night walk takes place at the “Ecocentro Danaus” a small reserve whose focus is conservation and education. A visit to the center at night will afford you the opportunity to see some of the areas more prominent nocturnal animals in action such as sloth, caimans, spiders, frogs, bats, butterflies and birds and also the way these species interact with each other and the center’s vegetation. Our guide goes giving you every detail about what you see and hear. This hiking can be done during the day also.

Departure time Day 1 5:30 pm
Arrival time Day 1 --

bIncludes: Transportation, guides, entrance fee and drinks.

What to bring: Hiking boots, insect repellent and long pants.

**This hike can be done also during the day and it is recommend it for all the ages. Schedules on day time: 8am & 1pm.